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Water Quality Monitoring

The AI-based Automated Micro-invertebrate Detector

MicSense™ is an innovative AI-based automated detector for regular monitoring of chironomids (micro-invertebrates) at water treatment plants and distribution systems that is necessary and important for the early detection of chironomid larvae infestation, which is an important indicator of poor water quality, ensuring safe water for everyone.


To date, MicSense™ systems have been deployed with water utilities in Singapore.

Large Scale Chironomids Detection

Our proprietary automated micro-invertebrate water quality monitoring system consists of 2 subsystems: a concentrator and an optical detector, that is capable of detecting chironomid larvae in 1000 L of treated water within 1 hour with quasi-continuous detection mode (up to 24 samples/day) and can achieve high throughput  concentration (up to 50 litres/min) with minimal maintenance requirements.


Quick and Easy Field Tests for Water Quality Monitoring


Detection accuracy > 80% for spiked chironomid larvae samples

Testing time < 2 hours

Continuous operation for at least one week without maintenance (24/7 operation)

Able to detect viability of chironomid larvae in water (database of 6 different micro-invertebrates)

System’s stability and reliability has been validated with more than 1,400 water samples


MicSense Micro-Invertebrate Real-time Water Quality Monitoring System

Types of Water Sampler

From Wastewater to Groundwater, Environmental and Pandemic Monitoring

Municipal Wastewater.png
Industrial Wastewater.png
Agricultural Wastewater.png
Groundwater Monitoring.png
Environmental Monitoring.png
Pandemic Monitoring.png
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