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Our Trusted Solutions for Water Quality and Safety

Fresh water is a scarce resource essential for human survival and is needed to support the everyday needs for domestic use, agricultural, industrial and municipal purposes. With watershed basins and groundwater vulnerable to pollution and depletion due to wastewater contamination, over-abstraction, and intensive exploitation, there is a pressing need for reliable water quality monitoring across various industries, including water utilities, ecological environment, aquaculture & fisheries, oil & gas, industrial sectors and agriculture.


The AI-based Automated Micro-invertebrate Detector

MicSense™ is an innovative AI-based automated detector for regular monitoring of chironomids (micro-invertebrates) at water treatment plants and distribution systems that is necessary and important for the early detection of chironomid larvae infestation, which is an important indicator of poor water quality, ensuring safe water for everyone.


To date, MicSense™ systems have been deployed with water utilities in Singapore.


Large Scale Chironomids Detection

Our proprietary automated micro-invertebrate water quality monitoring system consists of 2 subsystems: a concentrator and an optical detector, that is capable of detecting chironomid larvae in 1000 L of treated water within 1 hour with quasi-continuous detection mode (up to 24 samples/day) and can achieve high throughput  concentration (up to 50 litres/min) with minimal maintenance requirements.


Quick and Easy Field Tests for Water Quality Monitoring



Detection accuracy > 80% for spiked chironomid larvae samples

Testing time < 2 hours

Continuous operation for at least one week without maintenance (24/7 operation)

Able to detect viability of chironomid larvae in water (database of 6 different micro-invertebrates)

System’s stability and reliability has been validated with more than 1,400 water samples


Rapid Portable Microbial Sensor Technology

Bacpro™ is an innovative automatic portable microbial biosensor that prevents the occurrence of waterborne outbreaks and ensure that water is safe for the community. Packed in a portable suitcase, it can be easily deployed for onsite testing with bacterial identification methods, and can be integrated into IoT networks, enabling applications for smart water, smart city, and smart home.


With Bacpro™ bacterial detection device, we can save time, save money, and save lives. 


Rapid Waterborne Bacteria Detection

Our proprietary innovative portable technology enables rapid waterborne bacteria detection onsite with quick and easy field tests that automatically detects specific species of bacterial fluorescence with high sensitivity, achieving the gold standard in a much shorter time at affordable prices not only for regulators but also for industrial end-users.


Quick and Easy Field Tests of Bacteria



New test reagent with 2 fold higher sensitivity

New test protocol for large volume sample (>1 litre)

LOD of 1 CFU within 6 hours, achieving WHO’s guidelines for drinking water quality


Automated protocol with multiple samples detection and cloud


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