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The AutoSampler

Wastewater Monitoring System

Empowering Action for Environmental Protection & Public Health

Wastewater from our homes, businesses and industries may contain harmful contaminants, such as pathogens, hazardous chemicals, heavy metals, organic and inorganic substances. These pollutants, if not treated and removed, can impact aquatic life and environmental ecosystems, and harm human health.


Today, some 380 billion cubic meters of wastewater are produced annually worldwide – five times the amount of water passing over Niagara Falls, and wastewater volumes are expected to grow 24% by 2030, and 51% by 2050, according to the United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH).

Efficient Treatment, Reuse and Recovery of Wastewater Resources

We can treat, reuse and recover valuable water resources, energy and new secondary raw materials from wastewater, meaning economic benefits from municipal, industrial, agriculture sectors.


Our water sampler equipment can provide wastewater surveillance data and achieve cost-effective deployment at scale to accelerate the recycling and recovery of wastewater resources, where additional costs pose a challenge.

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Reliable and Accurate Sampling at all depths

Our deep water samplers are capable of reliable and accurate sampling of wastewater (municipal, industrial, agriculture), at all depths up to 30m below ground that allows versatile deployment in challenging environments to efficiently sample water extraction and treatment processes to improve the quality and safety of wastewater management.

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Seamless Data Management with Real-Time Alerts

Our water quality samplers provide a powerful solution for wastewater management with its seamless data management and real-time alerts that deliver valuable insights for efficient water extraction, treatment and pollution control.

With our automatic water samplers, you can now monitor sampling jobs, environmental conditions, and system operations in real-time, and enjoy quick access to updated information on our secure cloud-based system. This allows timely intervention and remote optimization to achieve all your sampling needs with ease.


Types of Water Sampler

From Wastewater to Groundwater, Environmental and Pandemic Monitoring

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