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The AutoSampler

Groundwater Monitoring and Remediation

Empowering Action for Environmental Protection & Public Health

Groundwater is a vital resource of drinking water to millions of people worldwide, accounting for half of the freshwater withdrawn for domestic use, including drinking water for the vast majority of the world’s rural population, and one quarter of all water abstracted for irrigation and industrial purposes. However, groundwater can be susceptible to intensive exploitation and contamination, endangering its sustainability and accessibility to the most vulnerable populations, who depend on groundwater for their everyday needs.

Why Groundwater Monitoring is Important - Proper monitoring and management of groundwater resources is crucial to identify and mitigate possible negative impacts, such as over-abstraction, reduced recharge and pollution, to safeguard food security and economic growth.

Real-time sampling to address groundwater pollution and depletion

Groundwater pollution reduces the suitability of abstracted groundwater for drinking and other purposes, including domestic, agricultural and industrial uses, and can negatively impact groundwater-dependent ecosystems.


Water sampling from groundwater monitoring wells can help to identify the sources, type of pollutants, and potential health risks. Early detection of contamination with groundwater monitoring equipment is crucial to prevent groundwater pollution and depletion, and mitigate the long-term impacts of pollution on the environment and public health.

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Reliable and Accurate Sampling at all depths

Our deep water samplers are capable of reliable and accurate sampling of groundwater quality and monitoring water levels at different depths, up to 30m below ground that allows versatile deployment in challenging environments to efficiently sample water extraction and treatment processes to improve groundwater quality monitoring.

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Seamless Data Management with Real-Time Alerts

Our water quality samplers provide a powerful solution for groundwater management with its seamless data management and real-time alerts that deliver valuable insights for efficient water extraction, treatment and pollution control.


With our automatic water samplers, you can now monitor sampling jobs, environmental conditions, and system operations in real-time, and enjoy quick access to updated information on our secure cloud-based system. This allows timely intervention and remote optimization to achieve all your sampling needs with ease.


Types of Water Sampler

From Wastewater to Groundwater, Environmental and Pandemic Monitoring

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